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Yearbooks Currently cost $45
Reserve yours NOW because we Sell 'em OUT!
(They were $35 at Registration... They will cost $50 in June)

"Can I buy a Yearbook Page?" YES!

Threre are 3 Types of Advertisements:

Proud Parent Ads
Student Friendship Ads
Business Advertisement Ads

1/8 page = $40
1/4 page = $75
1/2 page = $140
Full page = $200

Check out the Ad samplesYearbook Ad Template

Advertisement FAQs

Method 1

Build your own Ad online (DIY)

Try before you buy!

You can design your Ad even before committing to purchase.

Go to:
- or -
Click here for WAMS' Ad-Service webpage.

Explore the possibilities by uploading your logo and photos.
Then create your own Ad, using a variety of pre-designed layouts.

(Some businesses choose to simply upload their business card.)

Submit your Ad by February 16
Full payment is due by February 16

Method 2

We build the Ad for you

First, speak with a YB student or call Mr. Cheek for initial plan.

You can then pay in the WAMS front office
or pay any Yearbook Student
(who will provide a copy of work order and tax deductible receipt.)

You'll receive a follow-up phone call within 48 hours
so we can arrange to receive your digital or physical copies
of information, logo/graphics and photos.

Your sales-student, will build the Ad with teacher supervision.

We will share the finished Ad to confirm of your satisfaction before printing.

50% of cost is due by January 16
Full payment is due by February 16

When Yearbook Students sell an Ad, they earn credit toward the cost of their yearbook or for their own Ad
YB Students earn 10% for Ads sold before Progress Reports (T1, T2)
YB Students earn 5% for Ads sold before end of Trimester (T1, T2)

Contact Mr. Cheek 559-524-7088 for questions or arrange to meet in person.

Check out the Ad samples

Student Advertisement Sales Script