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Where is the site search feature?

August 28, 2019

If you are looking for the site search field you will not see it at this time, but worry not, this feature has not been removed.  It is just on vacation.  We recently redesigned and optimized our district websites to serve information more efficiently than before.  This means that search engines will need some time to re-index and propagate new webpages.  To avoid confusion with 404 'not found' errors we turned off the site search to avoid listing old hyper links on our websites.  If you try to search via Google, Bing, etc..., you will see that there are still quite a bit of 404 errors to be found.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Once all of our school district websites are up and running and have had their pages re-indexed the site search will return shortly thereafter.

- SUSD Technology

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